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Welcome, we believe you deserve the best
Fed up with timely transfers, inconvenient departure times and security worries? Now is the time to make travel a pleasure, not a chore. Discover luxury private air travel. Discover Amsair…

Chartering private jets has never been so easy. Having owned the largest UK fleet of Citation Excel Jets, and charter based Embraer Legacy Business Jets, we provide the expertise and attention to detail to ensure that you receive the finest service, on the most luxurious aircraft, at very competitive prices. In addition, through our preferred network of owners and operators in the UK and worldwide, we have direct access to over 5000 aircraft, ranging from small piston planes through to large airliners, ensuring that we can always offer the right type of aircraft to suit your individual requirements.

No more long queues at airports, no more security worries. A private jet for just you and your guests. You fly from your chosen airport to your chosen destination at a time that suits you! You depart from a beautiful private lounge away from all the hustle and bustle, where you can be sipping champagne waiting to board one of our luxury private jets.

One day we need a turbo-prop, the next we'll need a Boeing Business Jet, Amsair always find the right solutions for us.
               It makes our lives easier.

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Charter Private Jets with Amsair Aircraft Charter

Amsair Executive Aviation is an international aircraft charter company which provides private jet charter worldwide. Amsair have a large range of private jets which include's the UK's largest owned fleet of Cessna Citation Excel Aircraft. Our private jet charter fleet is split into four sections: Turbo Prop Aircraft, Entry Level Private Jets, Mid Size Business Jets & Heavy aircraft. We can offer any size of aircraft from small Turbo Prop aircraft through to large business jets & airliners.

We also offer executive jet charter consultancy & air charter concierge services. Amsair believes you deserve the best private jets available, this is why our aircraft charter department steps in the moment you book your trip and accommodates your every need. Experience Amsair. To receive an air charter quote or to find out more about our private jet charter services browse our website or contact us.

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Amsair Legacy Video clips